Screed board is a practical flooring option that compliments the efficiency of underfloor heating.
Dry screed floors are now being recognised as a convenient alternative to wet screed.
UHS UK installation teams are experienced fitters of all types of screed boards.

Predominantly designed to alleviate the logistical problems with pumping free-flowing screed.
Screed board offers a solution to the practical installation in city centre high rise buildings.
Its adaptability gives variation to design making it ideal for both new build and retro-fit projects.

Screed board is a dry screed overlay floorboard designed for acoustic application.
Specifically, for use with UFH due to its high thermal conductivity which improve reaction times.
Enabling the systems to run more efficiently and saving on running costs.

Once laid, screed board looks and feels like a traditional concrete screed.
It is an interlocking reinforced, high density calcium sulphate (gypsum) board.
Made from 100% recycled material, it is a hard wearing surface with a seamless finish.
Supplied in tongue and grooved boards they offer an alternative, time saving solution to conventional methods.