UHS UK’s three most commonly used systems and floor build-ups

Clipped Direct to Insulation

The UFH pipe is clipped directly to insulation boards such as Celotex or Kingspan that is laid on top of the concrete sub floor.

Screed is then poured over the pipework and the floor covering can be fitted when it has completely dried.

Ideally suited to new builds, extensions and conservatories this is often considered the simplest and most cost effective method of installing underfloor heating.

Heat Emission Plates

Spreader plates provide an easy installation system for traditional joists. Aluminium spreader plates are fixed to the joists with insulation placed between the batons. The pipe work is then clipped directly into the plates.

EPS Overlay Boards

EPS Overlay BoardsLow profile overlay boards eliminate the need to excavate floors which means that underfloor heating is more readily available for existing properties.

Simple to install, minimally invasive with fast response times EPS Overlay is environmentally friendly and energy-efficient.