Underfloor heating is suitable for any type of property.
From multi-residential apartments to new build and existing houses or single room extensions.
Commercial, Residential, Educational, Agricultural and Horticultural.

UFH continues to be one of the largest growth technologies within the UK heating industry.
Not only because it is an extremely efficient and effective way of heating any property
but also because of the flexibility in layout creation that it provides.

Complimenting Design
With the heating safely hidden beneath the floor
the unattractive and cumbersome radiators have been removed from the wall.
This releases all of the living space giving freedom and inspiration for design
ombining the luxurious heat that UFH supplies with flexibility and style.

Research shows that the ideal climate condition for human comfort
is the warm feet and cool head system that underfloor heating delivers.
The result is a luxurious warmth that can be felt without the cold spots
so often common with radiators.

UHS UK can offer solutions to every floor buildup and type in modern construction.