Many modern developments and builds demand underfloor heating
to be installed as part of a screeded floor to provide optimum living conditions
for tenants, homeowners and occupants.

On the most conventional underfloor heating applications thermal insulation is laid on the subfloor,
the pipes are clipped to this and covered with a flowing or sand cement screed.

UHS UK can provide the total floor solution…
Continuity and quality from floor slab to floor finish
offering a supply and installation package that ensures clients total peace of mind.
Full thermal and acoustic insulation, underfloor heating and screed from one contractor. 

The two most used types of screed are as follows;

A semi-dry, hand-applied screed that is troweled to a quality finish


A liquid, free-flowing screed usually pumped over the underfloor heating pipes
to a prescribed minimum depth which allows lower profile systems and increased drying times.

Based on the specific build and site requirements UHS UK can select the most appropriate flooring solutions
complying with any given specification or offering.
Cost effective solutions supported by full technical submissions.

UHS UK installation teams have successfully delivered
thousands of meters of screed and underfloor packages.
All across the UK with projects ranging from
small extensions through to high rise apartments and public buildings.